Get your UNC-DM swag to rep at the 2012 marathon

26 Jan
By Jordan Sutton
With the 2012 UNC Dance Marathon less than one month away, dancers (and other UNC-DM supporters) still have a chance to buy some UNC-DM merchandise to rock during the marathon. Take a look at some of the options that are available:
—NEW short sleeved UNC-DM t-shirt: $10
The back of this shirt sums up UNC-DM’s mission: “A dream, a dance, a life, a chance.”
—UNC-DM sunglasses: $5
Perfect for raving in, these shades are helpful for any outdoor outings that occur during the marathon.
—UNC-DM button: $2
Show your support even if you aren’t wearing a UNC-DM t-shirt. Plus, when the marathon is over, put the button on your backpack to continue showing your love for the cause.

—UNC-DM sweatshirt: $20

The perfect way to rep’ UNC-DM, especially now that it’s winter. Also, it’s comfy– something invaluable while dancing at the marathon.

—“Find Meaning” long-sleeved shirt: $12

The “for the kids” down the sleeve says it all. Rock this navy blue shirt as a way of showing why you’re taking a stand at the marathon.

—UNC-DM sweatpants: $20

These are navy blue with “for the kids” written down the leg. You know you’re going to want some comfy pants amidst the 24 hours of dancing. These are a perfect way to gain that comfort while still showing it’s all for the kids.

—Past marathon shirts

—2011 marathon: $5          

—2010 marathon: $2

Though dancers will receive this year’s spy-themed t-shirt at the marathon, let’s be honest, you will need to change your shirt in the 24 hour period. What better option is there than to change into another UNC-DM shirt?

—UNC-DM greeting cards: $8

These cards feature pictures drawn by children who have been patients at N.C. Children’s Hospital. Each card contains the child’s story. You can use these as thank you cards to send to people who have supported you financially as a dancer.

—How do I buy merch?

Merchandise is available for purchase at almost all UNC-DM events. Dancers, and others who want to buy UNC-DM gear, can also come by the UNC-DM office, located in the Student Union in room 3508D, to buy merchandise.

Soon, UNC-DM gear will be available online. Check back for more details!


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